Hey there, welcome to this tutorial about the Discord Audit logs.

Audit logs are a nice tool if someone did something and you don’t know who it was. For example, if your friend was banned on your server but you have no idea why he has banned and who has banned him. They allow you to find out who banned him, and even let you see the reason if the moderator that banned him passed a reason.

How to access audit logs

To access audit logs, you need to have the View Audit Logs permission. If you are an administrator on your server, you already have this permission, and if not, please ask an administrator to give you the permission.

To open the audit logs, you need to open your server settings. You can do so by clicking on the Server’s name in the top-right corner and clicking on Server Settings.

After that, you see your server settings window. In the left-side navigation bar, you can click on Audit Logs.

Now, you should see a window like this:

Example of how audit logs can look like

These are the audit logs. Sometimes, you can click on an entry to show more information.

How to filter by user

If you want to know which actions a user did, you may find user filtering useful. To filter by a user, click on “Filter by User: All” and select the user. It should look something like this:

Showcase of user filtering in audit logs

Now, you only see the audit log entries by the specified user.

How to filter by action

If you do not know who banned your friend, but know that your friend was banned, it may be helpful to view all recent bans. To do so, you can use action filtering. To filter by an action, click on “Filter by Action: All” and select the action. It should look something like this:

Showcase of action filtering in audit logs

Now, you only see entries of the specified action.

How to delete audit logs

Luckily, audit logs can’t be deleted. They are here to show the owner and staff who did something, and if someone could delete them, they would be able to whatever they want and you would never be able to found out who actually was it.

Audit logs aren’t permanent though: According to Discord’s Twitter support, audit logs are deleted after 30 days of creating.

Conversation with Discord about the audit logs expiry date

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