Hey there, in this article I’m going to explain how you can use a Discord Bump bot.

In this example, I’ll teach you how to use Open Bump. You can also use another bump bot like DSC, Bump Central or Developer Bump, just make sure to use the bot’s prefix.

First of all, you need to invite the bot. You can invite Open Bump here. Other bump bots can be invited using the links above or by searching for bump bots on top.gg.

When you invited the bot, you need to set your description. Depending on the bot, you need a different command to do so. Open Bump has the command ob!setdesc <description...> to set your description. Replace <description...> with your actual description and remove the brackets < and >.

Some bump bots also require you to set an invite. Open Bump requires you to run the command ob!setinvite once in the channel where you want to create the invite. Other bump bots may require you to run that command with an invite behind it.

After you have prepared your server, you should now be able to bump your server. To do so with Open Bump, you can use ob!bump. It will automatically bump your server to hundreds of other Discord Servers. If you get an error message, try solving it. If you get a message that something is missing, I’d recommend reading the bot’s help page which is normally called help. E.g., Open Bump’s help command can be called using ob!help.

That’s it! Now set a timer so you can bump again as soon as the cooldown is over. As many bots have different bump cooldowns, you should always be able to see the time left when trying to bump again.

That’s it, thank you for reading this article. If you haven’t invited Open Bump yet, you can do so here: Invite Open Bump.

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