Hey there, welcome to this tutorial about how to set up roles. Roles are a nice look and tell us about our position or any specific task or action. They can be created by Admins or Server Owners.

How to create a role

First, go to the server settings and click the Roles menu and you’ll see this box:

The default role (called @everyone and on the bottom) will show you. To create a new role, click on + icon next to the roles title on the top.

Now, write the name of the role which you want to create. Some examples are names like Mods, Admins or Members.

How to change a role’s color

You can customize role colors by selecting a color in the role menu or entering a custom color. Custom colors can be either just selected by moving the cursor to the color you want, or by passing a HEX-formatted color.

How to change a role’s permissions

This is the most important part of the role: Giving a role the permissions you want it to have.

There are a lot of permissions you can see and it depends on role. Just enable and disable the permission by clicking on the toggle button on the right to the role name to toggle it.

After all these steps, you successfully created and customized a role.

How to delete a role

IF you want to delete a role you think is useless, just go the the role page in the server settings and select the role you want to delete. Then scroll down and click “Delete rolename”.

Please note that deleting a role is permanent and you will have to create a new one if you need it again.

This article has been written by Alice Jaxon, a member of the Genesis Advertising Team.

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