Channels are used to make servers professional and talk in the specific channels.

How to create a channel?

To create a channel, click on the arrow-down icon next to your server name (there, where you also can go to the server settings). Then, you click on “Create Channel”.

You’ll see a window like this:

Select whether you want to create a text (where you can chat in) or a voice (where you can talk in) channel. Then enter a name and click on “Create Channel”.

After you clicked on “Create Channel”, your channel will display in the server.

How to customize a chanel

We also can modify the channel by hovering on the channel and clicking on the settings icon. A channel settings screen will appear:

This is where you can set…

  • Channel name
  • Channel topic
  • Slowmode
  • Whether it’s a NSFW channel

You can change the channel name at any time and change the channel’s topic (The short description you see on the top of your screen right to the channel name when you are in your channel).

Slowmode is a time interval which means you can’t send a message again until the time is over or completed.

NSFW is a restricted mode to make these channels only accessible to people 18+.

How to create custom permissions for a channel

In your channel settings window, you’ll see “Permissions” in the menu on the left side. Click on it.

Here you see all channel overwrites you currently have for this channel:

You can either change the permissions for the everyone role or click on the + at the right side of the “Roles/Members” title to add a new channel overwrite. If you click at the plus, you’ll see a window like this:

Select a role or member you want to create specific permissions for.

Now, you can take a look at the right side of the window. It will look something like this:

Here you can set a permission to denied (the member can’t use it in this channel), leave it by default (that means no change and the users keeps the permissions they already have due to their roles) or allow a permission.

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