Hey there, if you are reading this post, your server probably just has been raided. In this tutorial, we explain you how to report the raider.

Spam or Ping Raid

This applies if the raider has spammed your channels and/or mass-pinged your members.

First of all, open https://dis.gd/request. It will redirect you to the official Discord Support page where you directly can create a new ticket.

Now, you should see a form like below:

At the first dropdown, please make sure Trust & Safety is selected.

If required, enter your email address. If you are already logged in to Discord, the email input may not appear. That is not an error, you just don’t need to enter your email address if the field is not displayed.

At the Report Type dropdown, please select spamming or raiding, depending on how many members you want to report and whether it was a raid or just spamming. You can also see other reasons that may be helpful for a later report.

Go to your server and take a look at one of the messages. Click on the three dots you see when hovering over the message. Click “Copy Link”. Paste the link to the Message Link input field on the request form.

Now, you need to get the raider’s ID. If you do not know how to get someone’s user ID, you can use this tutorial: https://dis.gd/userid. Then, enter the ID(‘s) in the User ID(‘s) input field.

Depending on wheter you choosed raiding or spamming as reason, you also see a Server ID field. Please enter your server ID in it – if you do not know how to get your server ID, you can use this tutorial: https://dis.gd/serverid.

Now, add a Subject that fits your report. For example, you can use “My server was raided by a spammer” or something like that.

Explain your case in detail in the description text area. If needed, you can add attaschments – these can be images proofing the report. Please note that screenshots only help Discord Staff find the correct place and understanding what you want to report – however, Discord Staff does not do any actions just because of images.

Click on submit to submit your report. You will get a response by the Discord Staff team soon.

Permission Abuse

If you gave someone a permission, for example Ban Members because he became a Moderator, and he abused that permission, Discord does not any actions against it.

To prevent this, make sure that you only give permissions to people you really trust!

Still not enough? Check out this article on Discord’s blog.

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