Bots are a nice way to improve your server. UnbelievaBoat is a high-quality multipurpose for Discord. It has features like Economy, Games and Moderation.

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Search for UnbelievaBoat on

First of all, you need to go to and search for UnbelivaBoat. is the biggest bot list for Discord and helps you to find the bots you want to invite.

Open the page and search for UnbelievaBoat. You should now see a window like this:

Click on the “View” button of the UnbelievaBoat. You now see a page with more information about the bot. Here’s an example of how this page will look like:

Now, click on the “Invite” button. It will lead you to a page of Discord. If you aren’t logged in, you will have to log in first. Here’s an example of how this page will look like:

  1. Click on “Select a server”. From the list you see now, choose the server where you want to add UnbelievaBoat to.
  2. Click Authorize.

You probably have to solve a captcha (also known as “I am not a robot”) now. To solve the captcha, click on the checkbox and solve the exercise if there is one.

Once you finished the captcha, you should see a “Thank you for inviting UnbelievaBoat” message.

That’s it, you now have UnbelievaBoat on your server. You can start using it’s commands. To show a list of available commands, you can type !help in a channel the bot has access to.

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