Bots are used to perform a specific task and it operates by commands.

How to add a bot in your server?

Well, there are many sites of bots where you can see like a top website of bots. is the biggest website for Discord bots. Here is how it looks like:

Screenshot of Discord Bot List

To add the bot, click on “View” to get to the bot’s page. Then click on “Invite”.

You will now see this screen:

Screenshot of Discord OAuth with Bot scope

Now, select the server that you want to have the bot. Often, you can select which permissions the bot will have. Once you’re ready, click on “Authorize”.

Sometimes, you’ll have to solve a captcha (Also known as “I’m not a robot”).

Discord reCaptcha “I’m not a robot”

After you solved the recaptcha, the bot has successfully been added to your server.

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