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Have you ever wondered how you can get members for your cool new server?
If yes – you’re correct here. In this article, I’ll cover on how to advertise your server.

Server advertising can be done through various ways. Server Lists, Listing Servers, Bump Bots, Partnerships, Social Media and more. When choosing the best way, you should think about your current presence and use it to advertise your server if possible.

Server Lists

When advertising on server lists, we recommend adding your server to as many lists as possible.

Good examples of Server Lists are:

Disboard shows a list of all recently bumped servers on it’s homepage. One of it’s advantages is, that there is no difference for you whether you have many or only a few members. Disboard also has features like reviewing and rating a Discord server.

Discord.me has a ranking system and the top servers are shown on it’s homepage. To rank up in the system, you need to get bump points by bumping your server as often as possible. With features like server posts, you can even create a little blog on your server.

DiscordSL is a simple but good server list. It’s feed on the main page works like Disboard’s – it shows servers, sorted by the las bump date. You can bump every 3 hours via the homepage and select if your server should be open for partnerships with others.

Top.gg Servers
Top.gg is a Discord Bot- and Serverlist. It can be effective, but there is no bump system and big servers are listed higher up, so it may be difficult for new servers to get profit from that site.

Listing Servers

Listing Servers let you advertise your own server on their server. They have channels where advertising is allowed, often even a channel per server category.

Good examples of Listing Servers are:

Open Advertisements (affiliated) – 13000+ members
Open Advertisements lets you advertise your server every hour in 3 channels. It contains informational guides that help you grow even more and you can use it’s services like Open Bump, which is a bump bot that can get you additional members.

CPromote (affiliated) – 750+ members
CPromote lets you advertise your Discord server and social media. With it’s regular events, you can also have a lot of fun on it.

Ideal Invite – 3750+ members
Ideal Invite has a complex system behind the scenes. But what’s most important for you, is that you can advertise your server and social media there.

Promote Your Servers – 5000+ members
Promote Your Servers is a friendly and active server that’ll help you advertise your servers & social media!

Discord Growth Portal – 12500+ members
Discord Growth Portal is a new server that grew very quickly – with cool features like featured servers and ticks and tricks on how to advertise your server, you may be able to grow that fast too!

Self Promotion Central – 28000+ members
Self Promotion Central is one of the biggest players in the advertising world. It offers Discord server and Social Media advertising and gives you a good base to partner with other servers.

Bump Bots

Bump Bots let you invite them, add a description and an invite to them and then advertise your server on hundreds of servers with just one command.
If you want more information about bump bots work, I recommend the article I wrote about bump bots here.

Good examples of Bump Bots are:

Open Bump (affiliated) – 7000+ servers
Open Bump is the preferred way of bumping your server. It can bump your server every hour, or even every 45 minutes if you have a bump channel. It’s prefix is “ob!” and it doesn’t require high permissions like Manage Server or Administrator.

PYS Bump – 1500+ servers
Developer Bump allows you to bump your server to it’s other servers every 2 hours or every hour if you have a bump channel on your server. It’s prefix is “py!” and it doesn’t require high permissions like Manage Server or Administrator. It’s prefix is “~” and it doesn’t require high permissions like Manage Server or Administrator.

Bump Central – 4500+ servers
Bump Central is another big player in the bump scene and bump your server to more than 100 servers. It’s prefix is “.” and it doesn’t require high permissions like Manage Server or Administrator.

DSC – 5000+ servers
DSC is one of the bigger bump bots and bumps your server to more than 400 servers (even though this may be sharded (divided) because of the bot’s size).

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