Advertising servers are a very polarizing method of growth to many, and they are often misunderstood. Advertising servers are a growing phenomenon on Discord, and they tend to grow fast on certain platforms. This is because many people struggle to find platforms that allow them to advertise their content. However, despite the high demand for advertising servers, there are at the same time many critics who denounce these servers as useless. As a result, an important question must be asked: are these critics correct? Well, if you are approaching these servers with unrealistic expectations, then yes, otherwise no. I used to be one of these critics myself less than a year ago when I first discovered AYS. However I was already well aware that almost everyone on these servers are there solely to advertise. However, once I got the hang of how to get the most out of advertising servers, they have quickly become one of my most effective methods of gaining members on a variety of different servers, and I gladly show people my stats when asked. They really do work, but to make them work you need volume, frequency, and a great product.

Keep in mind for example that the average click-through rate for a display ad is 0.35%. None of this is supposed to be easy, it requires knowledge and work. But before feeling discouraged, please read this article in its entirety. Advertising servers exist to boost your server’s exposure without any actual financial cost, not your join rate, and this is something that people need to understand before they are ready to properly utilize these servers effectively. But on the positive side, these servers from my experience are far from useless when utilize correctly, and I have grown many different servers pretty effectively using these platforms. I have also seen other people find quite a bit of success from advertising servers as well, some of which see success that is comparable to DISBOARD, sometimes even greater than DISBOARD, Reddit,, and its other noteworthy competitors. My point is that learning how to properly utilize advertising servers is an important skill that can very noticeably boost your server’s join rate if applied the right way, without cost.

Success is not simple, it comes from acquiring knowledge to use in conjunction with hard work. So how do you gain from advertising servers? Through volume, frequency, and through presenting people with a quality product.

1) The Volume

CallMeCarsonSounds WorldEMPIREDiscord EMOJIAdvertise Your ServerSelf Promotion CentralThe PortalDGPAnimekos,DSPOpen AdvertisementsGlobal Emote Hunters160 Places,Promote Your BoatPartnership ParadiseGame TalkGlobal AdsIdeal InviteDevlin HubPartage,Oneixla

These are just some of the many servers that I used to post in every day to grow rapidly from advertising servers. They each have different rules, some strip emojis and some don’t. The goal is to join and post in as many active advertising servers as possible, and take advantage of the ones with free for all ad channels that have short cool-downs (such as CallMeCarson, Sounds World, DGP, Self Promotion Central, and more). It only really takes under a minute of your time to post in large quantities of advertising servers, unless you’re running on a slow connection. Place these servers in an advertising server folder and open them up each time you’re ready to share your product.

2) The Frequency

Posting in all of the servers above (and more) as often as the rules allow you to is your best bet in gaining members from these servers. This is because ads are quick to be buried beneath other ads. Sometimes this burying happens just seconds after posting your ad, and as such, the best way to be seen by others will always be to post as frequently and as consistently as possible. You cannot simply post your ad once per day on a few servers and be surprised if no one joins – this is unrealistic. You have to be consistent and persistent in both volume and frequency. CallMeCarson, Sounds World, SPC, and DGP have 30 minute unlimited cool-down channels, so if possible set timers using a bot to remind you to advertise every 30 minutes or so. I recommend using tatsumaki’s ‘t!remindme bump in x minutes” command. If 30 minutes is unrealistic, try every hour, or every two hours, or whatever works for you.

3) The Ad

Other than frequency and volume, you must also make sure your ad is something that people find interesting in order to boost your click-through rate. If people aren’t interested in your server, they won’t join it. One mistake that many people make is that they don’t put any effort into their ad, and then act surprised when no one ever joins. here are a few ways you can improve your ad.

Use bullet points, emphasize your most interesting and unique features. Do your best to stand out from other servers in some way. Extra features such as a partnership or advertising channel can help bring in members from advertising servers. Being nitro boosted and a large supply of great high quality emojis can also help improve your traffic from these servers. Advertising that your community is active and friendly may help. There are a lot of potential options worth looking into to boost your click-through rate.

4) Making Use Of Other Channels

Many people forget that advertising servers aren’t just places for advertising, but also for improvement and growth through other methods. Most big advertising servers have channels for finding partners, staff, and more. My server has a growth questions channel and a mod mail channel that can help assist members with growth through other platforms, such as DISBOARD, Reddit,, and more. At DGP, we make an effort to show people the ropes on advertising through large varieties of outside sources, both free and paid (depending on the user’s ability to pay for services). Free services such as DISBOARD, Reddit,, and can boost growth when utilized properly. You can also purchase premiums from,,, bump bots, and other websites to drastically boost your exposure.

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