Server Boosting is a Nitro Perk that you need Nitro for. Nitro can be bought directly from Discord in your settings page.

You can also buy a boost directly without having Nitro, but generally you make a better deal by buying Nitro (the full $10 tier) and use it’s included boosts.

To boost a server, click on the server dropdown right to the server’s name and choose Server Boost.

Server Boost button

Now, click on “Server Boost”.

Boost Perks

A server can reach different boost levels that all contain perks. Here you can see the levels and their perks.

Level 1 (from 2 boosts)

Perks for level 1 boosted servers

Level 2 (from 15 boosts)

Perks for level 2 boosted servers

Level 3 (from 30 boosts)

Perks for level 3 boosted servers

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