Hey there, in this post I’ll explain to you how you can advertise your Discord Server.

First of all: Please do not DM Advertise. Not on our server, not on other servers. It’s against Discord’s Tos and can lead to your account being closed.

📃 Server Lists

Server lists are websites where you can add your server to and find other servers. A good example is DiscordMe, the website you currently are on.

🗺 Advertising Servers

Advertising Servers let you advertise your server on them. There are hundreds of servers specifically focused on advertising. You can find some by searching for “advertise” in Discord Server Lists. One example of an advertising server is Open Advertisements, that you can join using the Join Server button above.

🤖 Bump Bots

Bump Bots advertise your server, with you only having to use one command. You invite them, set them up and use their bump command. Every time you use it, they will automatically post your ad on other servers. One example for a bump bot is Open Bump. You can find other bump bots by searching for “bump” on a botlist like TopGG.

Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps you. You can also find an expanded version of this post with examples on Medium: How to advertise your Discord Server

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CEO at Open Advertisements

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