Discord Messages can contain markdown to format and colorize text. In this tutorial, we will take a look at that.

Basic Text Formatting

Here’s a list of styles you can use in a basic message

  • **Bold Content**
  • __Underlined Content__
  • *Italic Content*
  • `Inline Code`

You can also combine styles (except inline code)

  • ***Bold and italic Content***
  • __**Underlined Bold Content**__

Code Blocks Formatting

Discord allows you to include Code Blocks in your message:

An example code block

To write a code block, you have to wrap the content in “`.

How to send a code block

Code Blocks allow Syntax Highlighting. While Syntax Highlighting has been added for code, it can also be used to colorize text.

An example of a code block with syntax highlighting

Code Blocks can also be used to colorize normal text. To do that, Syntax highlighting has to be enabled. To select the programming language, you need to add the language abbreviation after the starting “`.

Example of Markdown syntax highlighting

Use Code Blocks to colorize text

After you learned how to create a code block, here’s a list of useful examples to colorize text

  • Blue Text (CSS, needs to start with a dot, can’t contain spaces)
  • Blue Text (MD, needs to start with #)
  • Red Text (diff, needs to start with a dash)
  • Yellow Text (fix)
  • Dark Green Text (bash, needs to be wrapped by “)

These are only some basic examples. For advanced users, this article by Online Tech Tips might be interesting.

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