How to get more members on your Discord server


Hey there, Have you ever wondered how you can get members for your cool new server?If yes - you're correct here. In this article, I'll cover on how to [...]

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How to set up clean and safe permissions in Discord


Hey there and welcome to this tutorial about permissions in Discord. What you should know about permissions This section has been heavily inspired by the official Discord Developer Documentation. Permission [...]

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How do I create a server?


Always read the label: Before you create a server you need to login or register an account with your email and password in the browser or a discord desktop application. [...]

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Disable Discord autostarting on Windows


If you are annoyed that Discord always is autostarting when you get to your pc, you can disable that. Open your settings by clicking on the settings icon.

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How to enable Discord Light Theme


Hey there, have you wondered how you can enable the Discord light theme? Click on the settings icon and select appearance.

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Discord Me – Add your Server


Discord Me is a Server List that helps you promote your server. Here on Discord One, we highly recommend it as one of the most effective server lists.

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Disboard – Add a server


Disboard is a server list for Discord. It is one of the most effective server lists I ever have seen, and adding your server to it can definitely help.

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Change ownership of a Discord Server


If you want to change owner of your Discord Server, this tutorial might be helpful to you. First of all, open the server settings page.

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How to change Discord’s language


To change Discord's language, open Discord and click on the settings item. Go to the language menu on the left side and select the new language for Discord.

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