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Advertise your Server on Open Advertisements

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look on how to advertise your server on the Discord Advertising server Open Advertisements. This tutorial requires you to be on Open Advertisements, so feel free to join it if you are not a member yet.

Find the right Channel

Before starting with actually advertising your server, you need to decide in which channels you want to advertise. Open Advertisements offers a bunch of channels focused on different topics.

You can find the advertising channels in the “Discord Advertisements” category.

You can advertise in up to 3 channels per hour. Therefore, we recommend you to advertise in 3 channels to use the full potential. It is very common that a server fits in multiple categories, A gaming server might also have a lot of memes, and even if it is only focused on gaming, it will still fit in misc-servers (miscellaneous).

Post your ad

You can now post your ad in the corresponding channels (up to 3). Posting your ad is as easy as sending a message. Make sure to include an invite to your server, as users won’t be able to join a server without an invite.

Wait for the cooldown and post again

Advertising is only effective when done properly and over time. To use the full potential of advertising, advertise as often as possible (pay attention to cooldowns). Quantity is a big factor in advertising, and therefore, we recommend you to use multiple advertising servers. You can find a list of advertising servers in our Link Archive.

Discord FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

As I have seen a lot of questions about Discord in general, I decided to create this FAQ about Discord. I’ll update it when I got new questions. If you have any concerns, improvements or suggestions, please contact us.

Is DM Advertising allowed on Discord?

DM Advertising is a violation against the Discord ToS. It is considered as unsolicited marketing messages and can lead to your account being banned on most servers or even completely deleted by Discord.

Where can I find cool Discord servers?

To find cool Discord Servers online, we recommend you to take a look at server lists. You can find Server Lists by searching for “Discord server list” on Google. Some examples are Disboard and

What is DM Advertising on Discord?

DM Advertising is when you or someone else sends an invite to another Discord server in DMs (Private Message). It is against the Discord ToS and will lead to a ban on most servers.

What is a Bump Bot on Discord?

A Bump Bot is a bump that sends your server’s advertisements to other servers when you use a command. It allows you to promote your server with one command.

How do I advertise my Discord Server?

  1. Stay active on your server, growth takes time
  2. Make sure your server is focused on a few topics
  3. Use Server Lists, Bump Bots, and Advertising Servers

How old do you have to be to use Discord?

According to Discord ToS, a user has to be at least 13 years old. Discord will ban users below 13 years from using their platform. According to their Twitter, they even take action on servers and their owners if they are aware of an underaged user and ignore it.

Is Discord down right now?

You can find more information about Discord downtime on their Status page:

Are Discord servers free?

Yes, it is free to create an own Discord server and Discord states that it will always be free.

Is BetterDiscord allowed?

BetterDiscord and other client modifications are not allowed and a direct violation of Discord ToS. Discord may take actions against users using client modifications.

What does Disboard bump do?

Disboard is a server explorer page that allows users to find new servers or add their own servers so other users can find them. Bumping a Discord server will place it on the top of Disboard’s home page.

What is Disboard?

Disboard is a place to find servers and add your server so other users can find and join it. If you need help adding your server to Disboard, check out this article.

Can you get banned from Discord?

There are 2 types of Discord bans, Server Bans and Platform Bans. Server Bans can be made by moderators of a Discord server and will ban you from their server. Platform Bans are made by the Discord Trust & Safety team and are platform-wide.

Can the owner of a Discord Server be kicked?

No, the owner of a Discord Server can not be kicked. Only users with the “Kick Members” (or “Ban Members”) can kick/ban members, and only members below their own highest role. The owner is the highest user in the server and can therefore not be kicked/banned by anyone.

Does Discord show who kicked?

Yes, you can see who kicked a user by using Audit Logs. This also works for other moderation actions.

How can I write colored text on Discord?

Code Blocks can contain colored text. Learn more about text effects here.

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