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Advertise your Server on Open Advertisements

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look on how to advertise your server on the Discord Advertising server Open Advertisements. This tutorial requires you to be on Open Advertisements, so feel free to join it if you are not a member yet.

Find the right Channel

Before starting with actually advertising your server, you need to decide in which channels you want to advertise. Open Advertisements offers a bunch of channels focused on different topics.

You can find the advertising channels in the “Discord Advertisements” category.

You can advertise in up to 3 channels per hour. Therefore, we recommend you to advertise in 3 channels to use the full potential. It is very common that a server fits in multiple categories, A gaming server might also have a lot of memes, and even if it is only focused on gaming, it will still fit in misc-servers (miscellaneous).

Post your ad

You can now post your ad in the corresponding channels (up to 3). Posting your ad is as easy as sending a message. Make sure to include an invite to your server, as users won’t be able to join a server without an invite.

Wait for the cooldown and post again

Advertising is only effective when done properly and over time. To use the full potential of advertising, advertise as often as possible (pay attention to cooldowns). Quantity is a big factor in advertising, and therefore, we recommend you to use multiple advertising servers. You can find a list of advertising servers in our Link Archive.

Open Advertisements – A server to advertise your server

Welcome to this review of Open Advertisements. Open Advertisements is a Discord Server that lets you to advertise your server in it’s channels.

If you want to join Open Advertisements, here’s an invite link: In case you are looking for a full archive of Advertising related links, check out this link archive.

Discord Advertising

In the category Discord Advertisements, Open Advertisements has over 15 channels where you can advertise your server in. These channels all have a topic. Some examples of topics are “gaming-servers”, “community-servers” and “meme-servers”.

Social Media Advertising

Open Advertisements also allows you to advertise your Social Media and more. This can be done in the channels in the Social Media Advertisements category. Some examples of these channels are “instagram”, “tiktok”, “snapchat” and “websites”.

“Looking for…” channels

On the server, there are 3 different channels. These are called “looking-for-job”, “looking-for-staff” and “looking-for-partners”. You are not allowed to post your invite link in there, but you are allowed to post a message there if you are looking for a job, want to offer a job or just want to offer yourself for partnering with other servers. If you want to make use of this channel, you can also DM someone who already posted a message in these channels.


If you own a server, you may be eligible to partner with Open Advertisements. Your server needs at least 50 members and needs to fit their requirements listed on their server. Some examples of these requirements are, that you are not allowed to promote invite rewards or NSFW/18+ content in any way. You can find the latest version of their partnership requirements in the channel “how-to-partner”.

To partner with Open Advertisements, just DM the support bot which is on the top of the member list or DM an online partnerships manager.

If you want to become a Partnerships Manager, Open Advertisements has weekly seasons where the best Partnership Managers get up to $5. To become a Partnerships Manager, check out the “become-pm” channel on the server.

Alliances and United Servers

Open Advertisements is participating in multiple alliances. Some worth mentioning are the advertisers alliance or the affiliate alliance.

The United Servers are another alliance Open Advertisements is a member of. This alliance even is managed by Open Advertisements, so if you want to get a member of this alliance, you just need to ask for it by DMing their support bot on the top of the member list.

Open Bump

Open Advertisements has a custom Bump Bot. A Bump Bot is a bot that allows you to advertise your server on dozens of servers just by using a command on your server. You can find more information and invite Open Bump here.

If we convinced you to join Open Advertisements, here’s a link to join it:

Thank you for reading this server view. Make sure to check out our other articles on this blog to stay up to date with Discord Advertising news.

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