Open Bump

Open bump is a free bot to advertise your own server. You can set a description of your server and every time you bump your server, your advertisement will be sent to other Discord servers with the bot on.



ServerMate is the most popular and effective bump bot on Discord, simply add the bot and get your server advertised to hundreds of other guilds in seconds!

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Project Bump

Use our bot to help gain members by bumping your advertisement to 1,400 + Servers for free 🔥

Support Server

Discord Growth Portal

Our aim is to provide users with additional support for growing their servers. We would like to work in conjunction with other growth platforms to help you reach your growth goals.

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Genesis Advertising

A place to grow your discord servers and social media We offering free services to help other members like ( Ads Review, Growth Expert Assistant, Custom Logo, Server Developing, etc…)

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Open Advertisements

Open Advertisements lets you advertise your server to 5000+ users to help you find new friends and grow your community.

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