Bump Sharing

When you bump your server using Open Bump and have multiple bump bots on your server, Open Bump will automatically try to bump other bots on the server. Once you’ve finished bumping, it will inform you about all other bots it tried to bump.


This feature does not require further setup. It works automatically with all compatible bump bots on your server. If other bots are not set up yet, Open Bump will inform you about that under the “Other bump bots” section. If you want to invite more compatible bots, please refer to the compatible bump bots below.

Compatible Bump Bots

We are always working on bringing SBLP to more bump bots. As per now, the following bump bots are supported:

Some of these bots might only offer partial integration. That means that while they can be bumped with Open Bump, they might not bump Open Bump if you use their command. It is also possible that while they bump Open Bump and other compatible bots, they do not display it in their bump message. Open Bump will always inform you how it was last bumped in its cooldown message.

For Developers

Please refer to SBLP Implementation for developers.