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Open bump is a free bot to advertise your own server. You can set a description of your server and every time you bump your server, your advertisement will be sent to other Discord servers with the bot on.


We have covered Open Bump’s setup in another blog article: How to use a Discord Bump Bot


Command Description
ob!setdescription Set the description for your server
ob!setinvite Set the invite for your server
ob!bump Bump your server
ob!help View all commands

For a full list of commands and more information about them, please refer to the documentation.

Connected to other bump bots

When you bump your server using Open Bump and have multiple bump bots on your server, Open Bump will automatically try to bump other bots on the server. Once you’ve finished bumping, it will inform you about all other bots it tried to bump.

This feature is activated automatically once you have invited multiple bump bots on your server. Find out more here.

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Read what our users say

This server is home to Open Bump, which can easily be considered one of the best bump bots.

Kirby, Discord Growth Portal

Open Bump has given me a fair member count compared to the amount of servers its on. I personally recommend Open Bump to be a good advertising bot/method for all you stragglers that are unable to get your servers out there.

Director, Promote Your Servers
Open Bump is one of the best bump bots on Discord. It has features that other larger bump bots do not have while maintaining a very solid uptime. It is easy to set up and the convenience of its connection with other bump bots makes bumping more effective and convenient!
bird, Rocket Advertising

Get Premium

Open Bump is most effective in combination with one of our premium tiers. Check out our Patreon for more information and to buy a tier.


Read The Docs

If you need help setting up Open Bump, the Docs are the place to go. There you can more information about commands and other bot features.

View Docs

Contact Support

If you have any questions or need help setting up the bot, don’t hesitate to contact our support which will redirect you to a staff member.

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