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Advertise your server to get new members on your server and grow your community. We support server advertising of nearly all server types and also offer Social Media advertisements. We offer advanced services like our bump bot Open Bump that you can use for free to get even more member on your server and grow even faster.

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This is where you can get help for our bump bot Open Bump.

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We have more than a dozen of Discord advertising channels where you can advertise anything from your gaming server, over your community server and your own Discord bot to your music server.

Social Media Advertising

Besides Discord advertising, we also have social media advertising channels where you can advertise anything from your youtube videos, over your instagram posts to your tiktok channel.

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Read what our users say

This server is quality. I say this because of several reasons.

1: This server continues to grow at a steady rate. Many advertising servers aren’t growing, this one continues to grow and improve with time.

2: This server is home to Open Bump, which can easily be considered one of the best bump bots.

3: The owner Looat is professional and can be easily reached through ModMail in case you need him for anything.

4: The server is relatively light on rules compared to most advertising servers and allows you to post 3x per hour in different channels, which is really unique and definitely a positive to me.

So I can definitely recommend this server based on my positive experiences here.

Kirby, Discord Growth Portal

that server helps me a lot to grow my servers and its a good alternative rather than traditional advertising

thebedrockbg, A Disboard User

I have been in this server for a long time and as one of my first servers of this type that I am in, the owner is very nice and I have had no problems with anything in their server.

This is a great place to advertise especially its rate of growth is immense in my opinion. I remember this server being around 2000 members, now it’s 7000!

I honestly suggest joining this server if you want to get some exposure for what you’re trying to advertise.

Xander805, Ideal Invite

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If you have any questions or need help setting up Open Bump, don’t hesitate to contact our support bot which will redirect you to a staff member.

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