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5 tips to improve the activity of your server

Here are my tips on keeping your server active. Keep in mind that activity is rarely a constant thing. It is extremely difficult for a server to be active all day, every day, and ‘dead’ periods are only natural. As someone who has grown many active servers, I can attest to this. Below are 5 of my tips that can work alongside advertising that can help your server increase its activity.

Tip 1: Be very active yourself 

Growing an active Discord server is an enormous responsibility to the founders of the server, and it is up to you as the leader to be an active and enjoyable personality capable of providing content for your members. You cannot rely on other people to provide this content for you. Leading a successful and active server requires a lot of your time greeting members with your friends, and providing them with quality conversations. When I start a community server, I usually bring at least one charismatic and outgoing friend to help make the server friendly, fun and active.

If you are unable to extend multiple hours a day to attend to your server, it may not be the best time for you to start one. You are the star of your server, and it is your responsibility to be very active, and to hire active staff. Your members are not responsible for your server’s activity. Finding active members who plan to stay regularly active is a tough task, but if your server is unique, interesting, fun, and has welcoming engaging members, your chances of earning these members is much greater. 

Tip 2: Stay true to focus

Example: Don’t be a Pokemon server that rarely talks about Pokemon in the main channel

The focus of your server matters, because certain server types are far more in demand than others. One mistake that many people make is that they fail to grasp the supply and demand aspect involved in Discord server advertising. It is also extremely necessary that your server stays true to and emphasizes on its main points. This means that if your server is advertised as active and laid back, it should actually be. If the server isn’t as advertised, people will leave faster.

You will also wish to capitalize on what makes your server unique and stand out. Cookie cutter servers that don’t offer anything interesting: for instance, no unique theme, very few emotes, members that aren’t very social or friendly, very few interactive bots etc, are less likely to survive. Interesting servers tend to have a lot of work put into them in order for them to stand out above the rest. Being nitro boosted can also help, as this can allot your server with certain perks that can’t be achieved otherwise.

Tip 3: Take action on troublemakers

Lack of poor moderation and special treatment can harm a server in a big way. If members are being disruptive, how active they are should not be a priority. Punish members who disrupt the chat and make it uncomfortable for other users. Many people running active servers often find themselves in a situation where gaining new active members is difficult, and this is often due to servers appearing unwelcoming. A friendly, clean, high quality chat is more likely to keep new members in, while a chat filled with rude behavior, spam and unwelcoming members is much less likely to do so.

Try a “Dead Chat” Ping Role

Use a bot like Yagpdb to create a ‘dead chat’ self assignable role in your server’s role menu. You can find a tutorial for setting up self-assign roles with Yagpdb here.

This is a role that your members can self assign, and its purpose would be to ‘wake the chat up’. Because users would be assigning this role voluntarily, it’s much less favorable to risk than pinging @everyone or @here. To prevent the role from being abused, a bot such as Dyno must be used to turn the ping’s accessibility on and off. Dyno has a command called [prefix] mentionable, which can be used to toggle any role on and off like a switch, which would prevent users from being able to abuse the role.

Tip 5: Make server fun and engaging 

A couple of strategies to make your server fun and engaging are:

1: Include some really fun bots to keep members engaged. Being capable of coding your own custom bots can also help with server activity as it makes your server unique.

2: Having a server that clearly has a lot of effort put into its setup, from the category and channel layouts, to the emote selection, the graphics, well set up rules, and more. 

3: Have level-up roles, and offer extra perks to talkative members. Include a ‘server currency’ system with a bot such as Unbelievaboat. 

4: Be VC friendly. Many people enjoy VC, but have trouble finding servers they enjoy where VC is frequently active. 

5: Include channel games such as one word story or hurt and heal. Consider a daily questions channel, or a fact of the day channel.

6: Have a meme channel and include the bot ‘Dank Memer’ so people can generate dank memes on your server.

For emotes you can find many at 

All sorts of strategies can work depending on your server, and these are just a few to consider. These are many of the strategies I use to keep my social servers active. Use these suggestions for ideas, and continue to search for what works best for you. 

How do I create a server?

Always read the label:

Before you create a server you need to login or register an account with your email and password in the browser or a discord desktop application. Once doing so you can continue to step 1.

1. Click the “+” button on the left hand column

No matter if it’s the first, second, or third server you’ve made, this is the place you’ll need to go. Note that the “+” icon can be hidden if you have a lot of servers. Simply scroll down the server column to find where the “+” is hiding.

The next window that appears will give you two options: “Create” or “Join.” We’re going to choose “Create” so just pretend like “Join” doesn’t even exist (don’t worry if it gets jelly).

2. Server Info

After deciding between doors number one and two, you can enter in the server name, and change the server icon by locating it in your files.

The minimum size for icons is 128×128. If you’d like to select a specific area from a large image, crop it in multiples of 128 (128X2=256, 128X3=384, etc.).

Here, you’ll also be able to change the server region by…clicking “change.” We currently have ten different regions to choose from, and plan on adding more in the future.

After selecting the server region, click “create” and bada-bing-bada-boom you’ve created your first server! 

From here you can invite members, create and join servers. To figure out how to invite people and more about invites and inviting read my next post.

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Disable Discord autostarting on Windows

If you are annoyed that Discord always is autostarting when you get to your PC, this tutorial might be something to you.

To disable Discord autostarting, you first of all need to have Discord open and go to it’s settings. You can do that by clicking on the server icon next to your avatar and tag.

Now, you will see the settings page. On the left side, select the tab “Windows Settings”.

Once you have clicked on Windows Settings, you now see a toggle where you can disable autostart.

Click on the toggle next to “Open Discord” in the section “System Startup Behavior”. That’s it, you now have disabled Discord autostarting.

How to enable Discord Light Theme

Hey there, have you wondered how you can enable the Discord light theme? Well here’s your help!

First of all, open Discord and click on the settings icon.

A screenshot of the settings icon

Now, your settings page will open. On the left side, click on the tab “Appearance”.

Screenshot of the Discord settings page with the “Appearance” tab highlighted.

Now, you see a page where you can customize your Discord client’s appearance. Under the “theme” section, you can click on “Light” to enable Light theme.

Screenshot of the Dsicord settings’ appearance page.

That’s it, you now have light theme activated.

Discord Me – Add your Server

Discord Me is a Server List that helps you promote your server. Here on Discord One, we highly recommend it as one of the most effective server lists.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover on how to add your server.

Add your server

1. Open in your browser.

2. Click on “Login” on the top right side.

3. You are now redirected to a page of Discord. If required, log in to your account. Then, click on “Authorize”.

4. Click on your name in the top right corner of the page. Then, click on “Dashboard”.

5. Now, click on “+ Add Server”.

6. You now get to this window.

7. Fill in the fields and click on “Next Step >” or “Continue”. Repeat that until you come to this page:

Click on “Add Bot”.

8. You are now being redirected to a Discord page. Click on “Select a server” and select the server you are currently adding. Then, click on “Authorize”.

9. Now, you may need to solve a reCaptcha. A reCaptcha helps preventing bots from doing automated actions. It is also known as the popular “I am not a robot” checkbox. Click on the checkbox and solve the excercise.

10. That’s it, you now added the Discord Me bot to your server. Go to the other tab again where you were filling in the fields for your server. Continue with it until you come to this window:

This page is an overview page where you can see the information you just entered. Check if everything is correct and click on “Confirm & Create”.

11. That’s it, you now got back to your dashboard and can see your server has been added.

Server Bumping

To make sure your server gets listed high on Discord Me, you need to bump as often as possible. Bumping means solving a small reCaptcha to increase your so-called bump points. Bump points help you being listed higher in search results and on the main page.

To bump your server, go to your dashboard. Then, select the server you want to bump and click “Bump Server”.

A window will pop up with a reCaptcha and a button. Solve the recaptcha by clicking on the checkbox and solving the excerciese.

That’s it, you have successfully bumped your server.

Discord.Me has bump windows in an interval of 6 hours. You can bump once per bump window. Bumping will give you 1 bump point, which you can increase up to 2 bump points by buying Premium.

That’s it with this tutorial, I hope it helped you. Check out this tutorial about Disboard, another server list.

Disboard – Add a server

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to add a server to Disboard.

Disboard is a server list for Discord. It is one of the most effective server lists I ever have seen, and adding your server to it can definitely help.

Add your server

1. Open in your browser.

2. Click on “Login” on the top right side.

3. If required, log in to your Discord account. Then, click on “Authorize”.

4. You are now on the dashboard. Find the “Add new server” button and click on it.

5. Click on “Select a Server” and select the server you want to add. You have to be owner or admin of the server to add it.

6. Now, you need to enter information about your server. Fill out everything accordingly. We recommend using all 5 tags and choosing a fitting category to make it easier for users to find your server.

Once you’re finished, click on the “Save” button.

7. You’ll be redirected to a page of Discord. Click “Authorize”.

8. That’s it. You can now manage your server from your dashboard. To access your dashboard, hover over your avatar on the top right side and click on “Your servers”.

Server Bumping

During the tutorial above, we also have added the Disboard bot to your server. To get the most out of Disboard, you need to bump as often as possible.

To bump your server, you can use the !d bump command on your server. You can do that every 2 hours and it will bump your server to the top of the Disboard page.

That’s it with this tutorial, I hope it helped you. Check out this tutorial about Discord Me, another server list.

Change ownership of a Discord Server

If you want to change owner of your Discord Server, this tutorial might be helpful to you.

First of all, open the server settings. You can do that by clicking the dropdown right next to the server name and selecting “Server Settings”.

Now, select the “Members” tab on the left side. You now see a list of all members on your server.

Now search for the member you want to make owner. Hover over it and click the three dots.

Click on the “Transfer Ownership” button.

Now, confirm the ownership change by clicking the toggle and finally clicking “Transfer Ownership”. If you have 2-factor-authentication activated, you may need to enter your current 2-fa-code.

That’s it, your friend is now the owner of the Discord server.

How to change Discord’s language

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can change the language of your Discord client.

To change Discord’s language, you first of all need to open Discord.

On the bottom left of your client, click the settings icon right next to your profile picture and tag.

Screenshot of the settings item

You now see your “My Account” settings page. On the left side of the screen, you see a list with different setting pages. Select “Language”, or just the item that has the same position as the language item on the screenshot below.

Screenshot of the settings page

Now, you see this page where you can select your language:

Screenshot of the language settings page

That’s it, you can now close the page and enjoy Discord in the new language.

Open Advertisements – A server to advertise your server

Welcome to this review of Open Advertisements. Open Advertisements is a Discord Server that lets you to advertise your server in it’s channels.

If you want to join Open Advertisements, here’s an invite link: In case you are looking for a full archive of Advertising related links, check out this link archive.

Discord Advertising

In the category Discord Advertisements, Open Advertisements has over 15 channels where you can advertise your server in. These channels all have a topic. Some examples of topics are “gaming-servers”, “community-servers” and “meme-servers”.

Social Media Advertising

Open Advertisements also allows you to advertise your Social Media and more. This can be done in the channels in the Social Media Advertisements category. Some examples of these channels are “instagram”, “tiktok”, “snapchat” and “websites”.

“Looking for…” channels

On the server, there are 3 different channels. These are called “looking-for-job”, “looking-for-staff” and “looking-for-partners”. You are not allowed to post your invite link in there, but you are allowed to post a message there if you are looking for a job, want to offer a job or just want to offer yourself for partnering with other servers. If you want to make use of this channel, you can also DM someone who already posted a message in these channels.


If you own a server, you may be eligible to partner with Open Advertisements. Your server needs at least 50 members and needs to fit their requirements listed on their server. Some examples of these requirements are, that you are not allowed to promote invite rewards or NSFW/18+ content in any way. You can find the latest version of their partnership requirements in the channel “how-to-partner”.

To partner with Open Advertisements, just DM the support bot which is on the top of the member list or DM an online partnerships manager.

If you want to become a Partnerships Manager, Open Advertisements has weekly seasons where the best Partnership Managers get up to $5. To become a Partnerships Manager, check out the “become-pm” channel on the server.

Alliances and United Servers

Open Advertisements is participating in multiple alliances. Some worth mentioning are the advertisers alliance or the affiliate alliance.

The United Servers are another alliance Open Advertisements is a member of. This alliance even is managed by Open Advertisements, so if you want to get a member of this alliance, you just need to ask for it by DMing their support bot on the top of the member list.

Open Bump

Open Advertisements has a custom Bump Bot. A Bump Bot is a bot that allows you to advertise your server on dozens of servers just by using a command on your server. You can find more information and invite Open Bump here.

If we convinced you to join Open Advertisements, here’s a link to join it:

Thank you for reading this server view. Make sure to check out our other articles on this blog to stay up to date with Discord Advertising news.

How to invite UnbelievaBoat to your server

Bots are a nice way to improve your server. UnbelievaBoat is a high-quality multipurpose for Discord. It has features like Economy, Games and Moderation.

Also, check out this article about inviting a bot to your server if you want to invite another bot.

Search for UnbelievaBoat on

First of all, you need to go to and search for UnbelivaBoat. is the biggest bot list for Discord and helps you to find the bots you want to invite.

Open the page and search for UnbelievaBoat. You should now see a window like this:

Click on the “View” button of the UnbelievaBoat. You now see a page with more information about the bot. Here’s an example of how this page will look like:

Now, click on the “Invite” button. It will lead you to a page of Discord. If you aren’t logged in, you will have to log in first. Here’s an example of how this page will look like:

  1. Click on “Select a server”. From the list you see now, choose the server where you want to add UnbelievaBoat to.
  2. Click Authorize.

You probably have to solve a captcha (also known as “I am not a robot”) now. To solve the captcha, click on the checkbox and solve the exercise if there is one.

Once you finished the captcha, you should see a “Thank you for inviting UnbelievaBoat” message.

That’s it, you now have UnbelievaBoat on your server. You can start using it’s commands. To show a list of available commands, you can type !help in a channel the bot has access to.

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